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At The MBA Edge, we take pride in our dedicated MBA consultants team who have graduated from the top business institutes abroad, ready to find the most suitable B-schools worldwide.

This phase typically takes about 3-4 hours where our MBA consultant India do a deep dive into your personal and professional experiences to get to know your profile on a deeper level.

Based on your profile, your exam scores, your experiences, and your aspirations, we will work with you on shortlisting business schools that will best fit your profile and tailor out an application strategy. We will provide our recommendations based on our experience; however, the final choice of school will rest with you (Our MBA admissions Counselor understand that people have different risk appetite and aspirations)

In this phase we will redo your resume into the standard Corporate America format and tailor it to have the maximum impact on someone having a cursory glance. This phase typically takes about 3-4 iterations.

This is probably the most neglected stage, yet tends to be one of the most impactful ones. Here we will tailor your outreach plan for the school community i.e., current students, recent alumni and admissions team. These are usually short 30min coffee chats that help you establish the initial connection and develop inroads into the school.

Once our MBA consultant India have worked on your profile, your resume and helped you develop inroads into the school, we will tie all these inputs along with your experiences into the application essays. This will help you deliver your story and tie your application together. This stage typically takes about 3-4 iterations and is done in collaboration.

Lastly, we will also work on shortlisting your recommender and pointing out your achievements with the help of your recommender.

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Why choose The MBA Edge?
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Why choose The MBA Edge?

Our clients get personalized assistance to cater to their short-term & long-term career aspirations.

Profile Building

Our MBA consultants help you build an impressive MBA profile combining your strengths & weaknesses.

MBA Interview Preparation

MBA interview is a determining part of your whole MBA journey. Ensure you excel with our MBA consulting services in India.

The MBA Edge - MBA Essay Editing & Writing Service

MBA Essay Editing & Writing Service

No doubt that an applicant’s MBA application is the ultimate & most determining factor towards their selection to the top B-schools abroad. To deliver a captivating approach, it should be concise, well-informative and convincing enough to answer all the implied questions regarding your MBA admission. 

Our MBA application consultancy services helps applicants utilize their academic & professional potential and create enthralling and stellar applications, outsmarting the crowd. Bring your academic profile to us and our expert MBA consultant will refine all the required components from scratch to deliver an appealing piece of work. Run by a team of highly experienced & skilled MBA consultants in India, we ensure you will be getting a perfect application to impress.

The MBA Edge -Experienced & Skilled MBA Essay Editors

Experienced & Skilled MBA Essay Editors MBA Abroad Consultants

With our essay writing editors & specialists, you would be able to connect the dots of your personal & professional achievements & talents into impactful narratives, further bringing the attention of potential B-schools you are desired to enroll with. Our MBA Abroad Consultants brainstorm ideas to make your application unique to the forefront. Our approach is professional yet polite & friendly to get connected with the client’s requirements.

We believe in having a productive discussion to save time with only a small group of analysts & counsellors who note down every client specification and create a comprehensive strategy to deliver essays, resumes, recommendations and goals coordinated with the targeted school’s standards.

Interview Preparations - MBA Comprehensive & Hourly Based Consultation

MBA Comprehensive & Hourly Based Consultation

Our 360-degree program is designed to assist you from the initial stages right up till the submission of your application. We don’t track the number of iterations, or the number of hours spent but are obsessed with working towards a robust, distinct, and unconventional application that helps put your best foot forward.

These programs are best suited for applicants who need focused assistance on individual aspects of their MBA application. Our MBA consultant India will get down to the trenches to help you overcome bottlenecks that you may encounter in your application. Note: This program is recommended for applicants who need focused help on a small segment of their application.

MBA Letter of Recommendation & Best B-school Selection

MBA Letter of Recommendation & Best B-school Selection

We are one of the best MBA Admissions Consultants in India who provide you with guidelines on choosing the right recommender & creating engaging letters which can get you eyes on them. We help you shortlist recommenders and assist you in communication with them. Your MBA recommendation letter is an important part of your MBA admission journey. Simply, it is a document carrying your achievements, strengths & skills to provide a degree of satisfaction to your seniors that you deserve admission as a candidate.  

Our MBA admission consultants in India keep pace with all the demands to get you on board with the admission authority’s requirements. The moment you think of applying to an MBA institute abroad, you should consider recommendation letters. However, the requirements for these letters can vary from school to school. We guide you with a comprehensive productive approach to building your engaging MBA letter of recommendation 

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