MBA Admissions Consulting Services

Our MBA Application Services program is designed to assist you right from the initial stages of your journey in the application cycle up till the time you hit the submit button for your application. In this program, we work with candidates helping them leverage their academic, personal, and professional professional potential to build a strong case for their admit to their dream school.

By digging deep into your background, understanding your aspirations, assessing your fit and even uncovering the softer aspects such as cultural fit and adaptability, we aim to provide you with the most realistic assessment of your profile. Adopting a 6-phase approach for application building, we uncover all elements of your profile and bring these diverse elements together in the form our unique story telling. We adopt a strategic approach based on past data and experience while applying to programs and try our best to ensure that you have been able to position yourself in a unique and distinct manner. Unlike many other consultants, we will get down to the trenches to help you overcome bottlenecks and challenges that you may encounter in your application and coach you to unlock your true professional potential.

We don’t track the number of iterations, or the number of hours spent but are obsessed with working towards a robust, distinct, and unconventional application that helps put your best foot forward.

Our unique 6-phase approach towards application building includes the following distinct elements:

  • Phase 1 -Understanding your background:

    During this phase, we spend time with you to understand your background, your aptitude, the skills that you have developed and more importantly your interests. This is probably the most crucial phase to help us determine what sort of an environment and culture will be best fit for your profile. It is important for us to get to know our clients on a deeper level since we are coaching them for future professional success and not only just for an MBA admit.

  • Phase 2 – Building an Application Strategy:

    Based on your background, your profile y, your exam scores, your experiences, and your aspirations, we will work with you on building a highly personalized and tailormade application strategy. In our application strategy, we will work with to shortlist schools, develop an application plan, decide the optimum timelines, fix the key milestones and foresee any potential roadblocks that you are likely to encounter. While we will provide our recommendations based on our experience and past data; the final choice of school will rest with our clients.
    We understand that every person is different and has a different risk appetite, and thus we leave the final school choice to our clients.

  • Phase 3 – Crafting a distinct Resume:

    Resumes are one of the most critical elements of your application that give the admissions committee an overall understanding of your profile. Therefore, in this phase we will work with you to redo your resume into the standard Corporate America format and build it into clean and succinct document that outlines major aspects of your profile in most distinct format. Our aim is to build a one pager that is tailored to your experience and has the maximum impact on someone having a look at your profile for the very first time.

  • Phase 4 – Building a Network And Community Outreach:

    Most candidates, specially from India, tend to underestimate the importance of networking for both business school applications as well as professional development. This is probably one of the most impactful ways to build a deeper understanding the school. In this phase, we will tailor your outreach plan for the school community i.e., current students, recent alumni, and admissions team and work with you to be an effective networker.
    These short 30min coffee chats can help you establish the initial connection and develop inroads into the school.

  • Phase 5 – Narrating you story through the application essays:

    Essays are probably the most dreaded part of the entire application journey and require the maximum commitment both in terms of efforts as well as time. Once we have worked with you to understand you profile, your resume and helped you develop inroads into the school, we will tie all these inputs along with your experiences, into the application essays. Our aim is to work with you to build a distinct story that has elements which are unique to your profile and can also land an impact. In our experience, the story telling element is one of the crucial factors that can help you position your application in a very distinct format.
    We don’t put a limit on the number of iterations, or the time invested, but our focus is on building a story that helps you stand out from the application pool while being yourself.

  • Phase 6 – Letter of Recommendations:

    Recommendations help the admission committee get a third-party unbiased view of your professional career and help them assess your potential for future success. Recommendations are important for you profile and many candidates you usually leave them right for the end which can caused unanticipated hiccups prior to application submissions. We will also work on shortlisting your recommender and tailoring your conversations with them to help them build a robust recommendation that provide a 360-degree view of you candidacy. We ensure that our clients have budgeted adequate time and effort for the LoRs since they one part of the application that is dependent on an external party.

Helping You Standout From the Application Pool

MBA Admissions Consulting Services
MBA Admissions Consulting Services
MBA Admissions Consultant

Why choose The MBA Edge?

We are always candid and honest while working with our candidates.

We get down to the trenches and believe in putting the hard work along with our clients.

We follow a 360-degree approach that factors in not only professional goals but also personal goals while applying for programs.

We critically analyze each aspect of the application and look at both historical data and personal experience while building our approach.

Our focus is not to just get our clients into a top program but also to empower them future lifelong success in the professional journey.

Lastly, we believe in creating an environment and following an approach that is fun to work for both us and our clients as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am looking to apply for my MBA after 1 year, do you recommend signing up for the MBA Admissions Consulting Services to help me get into my dream school?
    If you have over a year to go for your applications, we won’t recommend signing up for our Admission Consulting Services since the applications tend to change year on year. Instead, we have our Profile Development Services which can be a better fit for those who still have over a year to go for their applications. 
  • When should I ideally sign up for the MBA Admissions Consulting Services if I plan to apply for this Fall Intake?
    In our experience, we have consistently seen that those who apply early in the admissions cycle tend to have the maximum chances of success both in terms of an admission and scholarship. A lot of our clients sign up for our services in parallel to their GMAT prep as this helps them to build their profile at an early stage. The ideal time to start working with us would be around April – May, since the schools have still come out with their applications and the workload of most professionals has reduced after the Financial Year closing.
  • How do I decide whether I should work with your firm or other MBA Admissions Consultants in the market?

    Well, there is an entire spectrum of Admission Consulting firms with multiple consultants working with them. Some of the criteria to keep in mind while shortlisting an Admissions Consultant are as follows:

    • Prior experience: How long has the consultant been working with clients on their MBA Applications
    • Track Record: What is the success of the consultant like. Don’t fall prey to the website promotions, ask your consultant about their success and what works
    • Approach: Its important to understand whether the consultant would be involved at high level and then delegate your application to someone else or what would be an end-to-end guide. Also, what is the approach towards building application?
    • Fees: There are consultants who would charge close to nothing and some who will charge exorbitant amounts, so its important to get a sense of what’s in your budget vs what’s being offered.
    • Fit: While some consultants offer free profile, others charge a nominal amount for the initial consultation. Utilize this offering to get a sense of who you would be working with and whether you liked interacting with him or her. Often gut instincts couple with market research tend to be the best apprach for these decisions.
    Lastly, always remember that if something appears to good to be true it probably isn’t.
  • What all are covered in the MBA Admissions Consulting Services?

    Well, this service tends to be an end-to-end engagement and covers all aspects of your application right from the start till you hit the Submit button. Unlike other Consultants, we don’t believe in doing piecemeal work and take up the entire ownership of your application. However, given the uncertainty associated with interviews, we typically don’t include the interview preparation module as a part of this service and offer it as an add on service.

  • Do I get to choose the schools that we work upon during the engagement?

    Oh absolutely! We understand that each and every candidate has his or her own appetite for risk and thus the final school choice is left with the candidate while we do offer our inputs on the fit assessment and competitive ness of the profile based on our experience and past data.

  • Is there a limit on the number of iterations or a cap on the time for each application?
    • The answer is a strict “NO”! We understand that each candidate comes from a different background and thus can take different amounts of effort and attention while working. Thus, we have consciously put no cap on the time or effort that we invest in each application so that our clients can work towards creating a truly personalized and distinct application.
  • Do you guarantee that I will get an admit?

    Well since we target top programs globally, we unfortunately can’t underwrite that you will get a sure shot admit into a particular program since there is always a degree of uncertainty around the top MBA programs. However, our clients who work with us on a number of MBA applications do end up getting offers from multiple programs that too with some decent scholarships.

  • Where can I see your past track record?
    Our list of success stories can be found here:  

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