Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my chances of getting into a top ranked program?
    Our philosophy is to find you the best fit keeping in mind your profile, your professional aspirations, your finances and mapping them with the culture and community of the program. We cant guarantee an admit but can only help you put your best foot forward in order to maximize your chances.
  • When should I start the application process?
    The earlier the better, however it is recommended that you start the application process after you have a competitive exam score (GRE/GMAT) to get a better sense of your profile. In our opinion and experience, targeting round 1 of the admission cycle has several advantages.
  • I want to explore working with you, what next?
    Its simple, schedule an introductory profile assessment call and lets connect digitally or in-person (coffee is on us). Post that we will evaluate if we are best placed to deliver on your expectations and decide if we can take the engagement forward. Once we decide to move ahead, we become your accomplice and your coach during the whole journey.
  • Any expectations from me?
    Well you are the main actor in the movie and hence a lot of expectations riding on you. The main one being putting in a dedicated effort and allocating appropriate time. The MBA Edge understand that you have a busy schedule, but to be honest applications themselves require fair amount of time and efforts. If you have limited bandwidth, best to explore the plan at a later stage when you will have appropriate time and energy.
  • Can you ensure that I get an admit? What if I fail?
    Full disclosure, while we have seen a lot of success, we have also seen failures with some of our applicants (other consultants will probably not talk about their failures, but we do). Despite our best efforts, rejection is a part of life and something beyond our control, hence we request you to not engage us if guaranteed admits is your expectations.