Interview Preparations

Convert your highly desirable interview invite into your dream admit with the help of our school focused interview preparations. This program will help you position your unique strengths before the admissions committee while empowering you to tackle any curveballs during your meeting.

Our Process:

  • Understanding your profile: In this introductory phase, we will understand your application to get a better sense of your background, your fit and future professional and personal aspirations. While the application has already been submitted with the school, we try to shortlist your key talking points and suggest ways to alleviate any potential weaknesses that can be deal breakers.
  • Questions Prep: Once we have developed a better understanding of your profile, we share a list of questions that are frequently asked by the school, this is an exhaustive list that has sourced questions from prior interviews. Here you will be required to prep your responses.
  • Mock Interview 1: This is a real-world simulation of the interview that you are likely to encounter in the final meeting with the admission committee / school member. Typically, this lasts anywhere between 30 – 45min and gives you the opportunity to test your interviewing skills and your responses with one of our highly qualified MBA consultants.
  • Feedback on Mock Interview 1: Immediately after the mock interview, we will provide you feedback on the overall interview and then deep dive into each response. Our feedback will include an overall assessment of the interview delivery along with which parts can be avoided and which needs further improvement, we will also suggest alternate responses in case we find anything amiss about a particular response. Our feedback sessions typically are collaborative and constructive.
  • Mock Interview 2: Post the first round of mock interview, we will aim to have another mock interview, typically within 2 – 3 days, along the lines of the first mock interview. In the second round, we try to use a different set of questions and minimize repetitions from the first round of mock interviews. This will help you train for a wide variety of questions and empower you to think on your feet in case of any curve balls during the interview.
  • Feedback on Mock Interview 2: Along the lines of the initial feedback sessions, this will give you an overall assessment of your performance along with a deep dive into individual responses.
  • Mock Interview 3 and Feedback (Optional): This mock is purely optional in case you feel that you need additional practice. The choice in yours as we have seen that different candidates need varying levelling of preparations. We conclude each mock with a feedback session.

We are excited to hear about your interview experience and will be sincerely hoping that you make the cut for your dream school and realize your aspirations. Do feel free to reach out to us for any questions or clarifications during the process as we know the entire experience can be very daunting given the stakes involved.

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