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Why partner with us?

Stand out from the applicant pool by working with us to build a robust, distinct.

360-degree approach for shortlisting programs best fit for your profile.

Personalized approach to help you put your best foot forward.

Your short term and long term career aspirations are core to our strategy

Getting you business school ready

Our Approach

Phase 1: Brainstorming

  • We kickstart our engagement with a series of deep dive sessions where we dissect various elements of your profile.
  • Through these sessions, we aim to understand you, your life, your personality, and what drives and motivates you.
  • You narrate and we listen in a casual setup which enhances the experience while also ensuring that we get to know the real you.

Phase 2: Profile Builder

  • We will work with you on fleshing out an application strategy so that we can plan the entire process well in advance.
  • We will highlight your strengths and how you can effectively position them during the application process.
  • We will also give you an unbiased view of your areas of improvement and how you can address them in your application.
  • We will work with you on establishing a fit between your profile and the program you intend to target.

Phase 3: Networking

  • Networking is a crucial step during the application process and hence we focus special attention on developing an effective outreach plan.
  • We will work with you on shortlisting key stakeholders your networking efforts should be focused on and will help you develop an effective pitch that will leave a strong impression.
  • We will also coach on navigating coffee chats and tailoring these conversations to gain key insights that will prove beneficial in the application process.

Phase 4: Storyboarding

  • All the above elements come together to form a tightly knit story that will be the backbone of your application.
  • Your story will not only showcase your candidacy in the best possible manner but also will stress on you are a good fit.
  • The storyboarding phase will focus on fleshing out leadership and behavioral traits that will demonstrate your future potential.
  • During this phase, you will discover your personal brand which will be a lifelong asset in your career.

Phase 5: Letter of Recommendation

  • The Letters of Recommendations are important as they provide an unbiased third-person view of your application.
  • We work with you to shortlist people best suited to provide your recommendations across your personal, professional lives.
  • We prepare you for the conversation you need to have with your recommenders and how you need to inform them about your plans.
  • We will ensure that recommendations are submitted in a time-bound manner so there is no delay.

Phase 6: Interview Prep

  • We provide extensive coaching for your interview so that you are well prepared to effectively engage with your interviewer.
  • We undertake a series of mock interviews where we recreate the real-life interview situation. These mocks are tailored to the school to which you have applied.
  • We provide instant feedback so that you can analyze the experience and work towards enhancing your interview taking skills.
  • We ensure that you are well prepared to tackle any curveball questions during the interview session.

Phase 7: Post Admission Help

  • Post admission, we will guide you on picking schools that are the best fit for your personal, professional, and financial profile.
  • We help you with your financial questions such that you don’t make an ill-informed decision with regards to your finances
  • We want to ensure that you land up making the most of your MBA and hence we will have quarterlycheck-ins to understand your experience and address any challenges you face.
  • You become a part of our network.

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