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Are you a late career professional who has over 12 years of work experience in a leadership role? Do you feel that a lack of formal business education is proving to be an obstacle in getting the next big promotion? Do you want to invest in your professional development while continuing to be employed with your current organization?

If your reply is a resounding ‘Yes’ to the above set of questions, then an Executive MBA may be the right fit for your situation.

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The ideal candidate for an Executive MBA will be as follows:

Having work experience over 12 years, although this can be flexible for high performing individuals.

Robust career track record with a strong potential to be a business leader.

Currently in a leadership role managing a team of junior reportees.

Strong endorsement from existing organization and manager given the time and commitment required to complete the program.

An Executive MBA can be a great tool to fast track your career progression and pivot yourself into the CXO career trajectory, however it may not be the best fit for individuals looking to pivot their careers.

Keeping the above factors in mind, if the Executive MBA is a good fit for you then we can help you with our EMBA application services.

In our EMBA application service, we will cover the following:

  • Strategic Profile Discussion: In this phase we will work with you to evaluate your profile, understand your leadership experience, and flesh out a career plan. This will be crucial for shortlisting schools and programs that will be best fit for your plans. The school shortlisting is a very critical step for Executive MBA as logistics and time management play a far more crucial role in the overall experience. 
  • Resume Development: Through multiple rounds of brainstorming and edits, we will ensure that your resume helps you talk about your experience and achievements in the most impactful manner. This will be critical not only from the application perspective but also will ensure your success in the EMBA program.
  • Networking & Outreach: At an executive level, networking plays a far greater role than at the early / middle career stages. Understanding the nuances of networking and developing an effective strategy to build a network within the school community and your industry will be pivotal. We will mentor you to inculcate these skills if you come from a non-business background and to enhance them if you are in a business role.    
  • Essay brainstorming & editing: We will work with you to build a story and an effective pitch that will have an impact on the admission committee. We work with clients to tailor their stories to their profile and aspirations, and we firmly believe in the uniqueness of every person.
  • Video Essay: We will help you develop an impactful pitch through multiple rounds of practice videos and make sure that you can establish a connection with your intended audience. Being crisp, humble, and expressive are the three qualities that we have noticed consistently make a difference in the video essay.
  • Letter of recommendation: Be it shortlisting your recommender or talking to them about your achievements and experience, we will support you through this process and ensure that you put your best foot forward. Given the critical element of company sponsorship for the EMBA, we will help you navigate the conversation you need to have your HR and leadership to convince them to endorse your EMBA plans.
  • Interview Preparation: Lastly, we will coach you to handle your interviews with flair through multiple rounds of mock interviews.

If you plan on applying for EMBA, reach out to us at [email protected] to have a discussion on our Executive MBA Application Services.

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