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I just want to start this by thanking Abhinav. It has as always been a pleasure working with him. The depths that he goes through for the research in the application process is freaking amazing and the energy is contagious too. Working last year on a few US Business school applications and successfully converting them I had originally planned not to apply to any b school this year. It was due to personal reasons. Abhinav had just reached out to get an update on what my plans were and the conversation which was probably supposed to be a few 5-10 minutes talk went on for almost an hour. At this time, I had originally set up a new business and was not looking for an MBA. Abhinav walked me through all the merits and how I did have the time to do it and would only gain in the long run. To be honest I was so moved and flabbergasted by the knowledge Abhinav had of the Indian zone and markets. The Indian context of things and how a PGP from ISB can possibly do good for me, be it the alumni or the investment network.

There was never a lack of motivation on the contrary he always kept me motivated. He will highlight the stories and your achievements which even you can miss between the lines. From story selection up to the interview prep, the entire experience was more than satisfactory and up to the point.

You will never feel the need to chase him for anything.
Also, ISB was the only school I applied.

Be it an Indian school or any other school from the world I am confident that Abhinav is going to help you put out your best foot forward.

You’ll always get an honest feedback, no sugar-coating, no pretentiousness just complete blunt honesty which I think really goes a long way.

Abhinav was always been on top of the things and helping me with all of my research whether it was regarding schools or reaching out to students or Alumni. I don’t remember if there were days off because anytime, I pinged him he was always there, be it a holiday or a Sunday. There was never a doubt in me regarding the whole application process of lack in motivation or me trying to chase Abhinav for anything. It was not the same with my previous consultants where I was constantly chasing them for deliverables.

– Amandeep, a first-generation pharma entrepreneur, with an admit to the Indian School of Business

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