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Mayur Muttur

Being from the IIM pool (Indian IT Male), I was one among a lot of crowds as I didn’t know how to differentiate myself from rest. I knew I needed help and I wanted to work with someone who had gone through the journey, completed his MBA in the United States and could in turn give me the right guidance. I was very lucky that I met Abhinav at the right time. After talking to Abhinav for the first time I knew he was the guy who can help me with all my questions. He was very super-prompt, super-nice, ‘brutally’-honest and helped me with his experience of what was right for me.

After couple of calls and in-depth discussion on my goals and stories, I decided to go with Part Time and Executive MBA formats as the Full-Time format didn’t suit my profile, my experience, and my requirements. We were ultimately able to short list five colleges based on my preferences and school profiles, I didn’t know where to start but Abhinav gave me step by step action plan of what I need to do and what I needed to keep in mind while during the various steps.

Of all the stages, the essays writing was the toughest as I had to draft all the stories of my life right from my childhood till the present date. Writing good essay is an art – art of picking the right elements to produce an engaging, simple, and inspirational story. After lot of brainstorming, we were able to narrow the stories and various elements of my profile to be showcased. When I wrote my first drafts it was not close to what one would call a decent draft essay and thus, we had to go through 4 to 5 iterations to reach the final versions. Everyone has a story but the way you put it can grab the attention of the admission committee is the most important aspect that has the greatest impact and Abhinav provided me great help during this journey. He was kind enough to follow up with me and get me to the finish line of the application process.

I got interview calls from 4 out of 5 schools I applied to and ultimately received final admits to 3 schools, one among them being my dream college Kellogg. It was so dream come true moment first thing I did is to pick up my phone and text Abhinav as it was late night in India. After hundreds of emails and hours of phone conversations with Abhinav I got the new direction in my life.

– Mayur Muttur, a Business Intelligence manager, with admits to the Kellogg Schools of Management, the Tepper School of Business, and the UCLA Anderson School of Management

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