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Wharton Executive MBA Program - The MBA EdgeThe MBA Edge was very professional experience right from the start. They have immense knowledge of US B-Schools and their application process. Personally, for me, their consultant had an in-depth understanding of what the schools look for in potential candidate. It’s not just about background and experience, it’s also how you position yourself for success.
Personally, the most important advice that I received during my application journey was to look out for schools catering to executives rather than going for the traditional MBA program route. It was the right advice for me considering my 13 years of experience in multiple leadership positions. Thus, we pivoted our focus towards the best EMBA programs closer the Bay Area on the west coast.
Their consultant encouraged me to further research a few other target schools, and network with current students and alumni of the target schools to determine the right fit. Also, he encouraged me to attend the in-person sessions in the schools and get a feel of their culture and their community. This played an important role in helping understand the school culture, their offerings which played a crucial role in in shaping my essays with more personal touch. After detailed discussions, we agreed to work on my application to the Wharton School of business and he clearly understood my aspirations & goals after my MBA, and my profile and taught me skills of networking. He helped me select the right stories from my experience, provided me a framework to pen down my ideas, and encouraged me to be authentic. He was very clear, concise, and to the point in his feedback. Also, he helped in showcasing the diversity in my profile. I was impressed with the level of clarity he had for the essays.
In the end I was happy I received admit from Wharton SF and it was a dream come true.

Senior Manager in the Technology Sector with admit to The Wharton Executive MBA Program

University of Michigan - MBA Edge“Working with The MBA Edge was an eye-opening experience. Their consultant was supportive and a big motivator throughout the journey. While choosing the colleges to apply for, he had a balanced approach to choose “stretch” and “safe” schools. As I started working with him, he pushed me to get into the depths and the “whys” of the instances I had quoted. Moreover, he was extremely candid about the quality of an instance I quoted and pushed me to think through my experiences in life (here, if you are into journaling, your journey would be much easier). I remember sitting for hours at night just rewinding my life to find just the right instance for each essay. Post that, as I saw how he edited the essays, I also realised that the way of communicating the same message in the most concise form is a skill that I didn’t have. For me, this push to introspect, linking instances to the whys and my core values was the biggest value add. Getting into Michigan Ross wouldn’t have been possible without their help!”

Consultant with $90k scholarship to the Emory University Goizueta Business School, $40k scholarship to the Rotman School of Management, $16k scholarship to Cambridge Judge Business School and University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

MBA Consultant in India - Kelley School of Business“The MBA Edge was just amazing from the start. They were very professional with a personal touch. They have immense knowledge of US B-Schools and their application process. I was thinking about working on my application to the Foster School of Business with them. However, after the first discussion with their consultant, he encouraged me to further research a few other target schools, and network with current students and alumni of the target schools to determine the right fit. After detailed discussions, we agreed to work on my application to the Kelley School of Business. He clearly understood my aspirations & goals after my MBA, and my profile and taught me skills of networking.

He was methodical in approaching the application as a whole to provide a complete picture. He convinced me to keep the essays to the point and paint different aspects of my profile with different essays. He helped me select the right stories from my experience, provided me a framework to pen down my ideas, and encouraged me to be authentic. He was very clear, concise, and to the point in his feedback. He has a very patient and participative style of working where he valued my input immensely. Also, he helped in showcasing the diversity in my profile. I was impressed with the level of clarity he had for the essays.

I would also like to highlight the professionalism shown by The MBA Edge in terms of guidance and quick turnaround time which was typically a few hours with them. I would also commend them for working with me patiently as he gave me time to figure out things on my own and write in my own language. This really helped me to write genuine essays which showcased my strengths and in a unique way.

I received the admission e-mail on 10th December 2021 from Kelley with a substantial scholarship. I had applied to a few other schools by that time. I further received admits from IIMC, ISB, and Fisher College of business with a scholarship. I again turned to them for advice. Their consultant, having completed his MBA from top US b-school, his advice was crucial in deciding to go to Kelley for MBA. As I was at disadvantage owing to my age, leaving one year of MBA at IIMC and ISB was a difficult decision. However, their consultant gave his advice honestly with the pros and cons of each option and encouraged me to reach out to alumni of ISB as well as Kelley. His methodical approach to taking decisions helped in pursuing MBA from Kelley after considering multiple factors.

I am lucky to have found The MBA Edge. I was looking for an admission consultant and found a mentor and friend in them. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about getting an MBA from USA.”

-Corporate Executive with $80k scholarship to the Indiana University Kelley School of Business

University of Michigan - The MBA Edge“First thing’s first I would like to thank The MBA Edge for making it all possible and helping me secure admission to the MBA program at USC Marshall School of Business. My journey toward an MBA started in 2019 and since then I have worked with multiple consultants and without a doubt, I had the best experience with The MBA Edge. Right from the introductory call to interview prep the journey has been amazing and a great learning process to tackle the exhausting application process. The guidance, and story selection process were top notch, and we went through multiple sessions to finally decide on the story. Their consultant not only helped me select the stories but showed me how to highlight the values behind these stories and finally align them with those of the school.

There was never a doubt in me regarding the whole application process of lack in motivation or me trying to chase them for anything. It was not the same with my previous consultants where I was constantly chasing them for deliverables. Their consultant was always on top of the things and helping me with all of my research whether it was regarding schools or reaching out to students or Alumni. I don’t remember if there were days off because anytime I pinged him he was always there, be it a holiday or a Sunday.

In conclusion I would definitely recommend The MBA Edge for your application processes because they will help you along the way, even after you have admits. They also help you select a better choice of schools according to your future career goals. Also, when you work with them, you’ll always get an honest advice no sugar-coating no nothing they‘ll be hones upfront which again I think is super important while you work with someone on applications. Overall, I really enjoyed working with them.”

Technology Analyst with $60k scholarship to the USC Marshall School of Business

University of Michigan - The MBA Edge“I worked with The MBA Edge for my MBA applications to two schools in Round 1. They helped me understand the key elements which need to be covered in the essays and polished my resume in line with B schools’ expectations. They also helped me shortlist other schools which were aligned to my career interests. Also, they pushed me to network with students and alumni of the B schools I was applying to. This was pivotal in understanding the culture of the school and helped me decipher the right fit schools for me. Further, they critiqued my essays honestly and gave tough feedback where required – all this with very quick turnaround. They also ensured multiple rounds of reviews/iterations till we both were satisfied with the final outcome. I leveraged the groundwork done with them and applied to UNC Kenan Flagler Business School on their recommendation. With a sound foundation for the essays and an improved GMAT score, I was able to secure an admit with a full tuition scholarship.”
Financial Services Professional with $130k scholarship to the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Kellogg Graduate School of Management - The MBA Edge

Being from the IIM pool (Indian IT Male), I was one among a lot of crowds as I didn’t know how to differentiate myself from rest. I knew I needed help and I wanted to work with someone who had gone through the journey, completed his MBA in the United States and could in turn give me the right guidance. I was very lucky that I met The MBA Edge’s consultant at the right time. After talking to him for the first time I knew he was the guy who can help me with all my questions. He was very super-prompt, super-nice, ‘brutally’-honest and helped me with his experience of what was right for me.

After couple of calls and in-depth discussion on my goals and stories, I decided to go with Part Time and Executive MBA formats as the Full-Time format didn’t suit my profile, my experience, and my requirements. We were ultimately able to short list five colleges based on my preferences and school profiles, I didn’t know where to start but he gave me step by step action plan of what I need to do and what I needed to keep in mind while during the various steps.

Of all the stages, the essays writing was the toughest as I had to draft all the stories of my life right from my childhood till the present date. Writing good essay is an art – art of picking the right elements to produce an engaging, simple, and inspirational story. After lot of brainstorming, we were able to narrow the stories and various elements of my profile to be showcased. When I wrote my first drafts it was not close to what one would call a decent draft essay and thus, we had to go through 4 to 5 iterations to reach the final versions. Everyone has a story but the way you put it can grab the attention of the admission committee is the most important aspect that has the greatest impact. The MBA Edge provided me great help during this journey and were kind enough to follow up with me and get me to the finish line of the application process.

I got interview calls from 4 out of 5 schools I applied to and ultimately received final admits to 3 schools, one among them being my dream college Kellogg. It was so dream come true moment first thing I did is to pick up my phone and text them. After hundreds of emails and hours of phone conversations I got the new direction in my life.

Business Intelligence Manager with admits to the Kellogg Schools of Management, the Tepper School of Business, and the UCLA Anderson School of Management

London Business School - The MBA Edge

I was fortunate to have met The MBA Edge at the eleventh hour when I decided to apply for the R4 of the LBS Sloan Fellows MSc in Business Management programme commencing Jan 2023. They quickly identified my priorities, and we decided to shortlist Sloan Fellows programmes at LBS, MIT & Stanford. He was highly focused, given the tight deadlines and was able to bring clarity to my goals and aspirations post-programme. Given my diverse functional background in maritime, they helped me stitch a story without any distractions, which cleared many misconceptions about my expectations from the programme. I’m thankful to them for being extremely proactive and handholding me in the London Business School application journey. Without their support and guidance, I couldn’t have made it to the programme. 
–Marine professional with admits to the LBS Sloan Fellows program

Indiana University Kelley School of Business - thembaedge

I would like to highlight the exceptional service provided by The MBA Edge throughout the application process. Their expertise, guidance, and attention to detail were instrumental in developing a compelling application that showcased my strengths and achievements.
Their consultant’s experience and knowledge of the MBA admissions process were evident from the outset. He worked closely with me to identify my key strengths and accomplishments, ensuring that these were effectively communicated in my essays and other application materials.
In addition to his technical skills, he was a pleasure to work with. He was patient, responsive, and attentive to your needs and concerns. He went above and beyond to ensure that my application was of the highest quality, and I felt confident and prepared for the application process.
Overall, I would highly recommend The MBA Edge for their MBA admissions consulting.

Former entrepreneur with a 70% scholarship to the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and a GMAT waiver. She worked with us on her Kenan Flagler application and was able to leverage her learnings for her Kelley application.

Indian School of Business - The MBA EdgeI just want to start this post by thanking The MBA Edge. It has as always been a pleasure working with them. The depths that their consultant went through for research in the application process is amazing and his energy was contagious too. Working with them last year on US B school applications and successfully securing admits, I had originally planned not to apply to any business school this year due to a personal situation. Their consultant just happened to reach out to get an update on my plans and the conversation which was supposed to be 5-10 minutes went on for almost an hour. I had set up a new business and was not looking for an MBA. However, their consultant walked me through the merits of pursuing my MBA and how I could leverage the same to expand my venture and my network in the long run. To be honest, I was moved and impressed by the knowledge he had of the Indian markets. The Indian context of business and how a PGP from ISB can add value to my personal and professional career be it the alumni or the investment network was an eye-opening experience. Thus, I finally took the decision of applying for PGP program at ISB.

During the application preparation process, there was never a lack of motivation. On the contrary he always kept me motivated. He would highlight the stories and achievements which I would miss yet which were impactful experiences. You’ll always get an honest feedback, no sugar-coating, no pretentiousness just complete blunt honesty which I think really goes a long way. From story selection right up to the interview preparation, the entire experience was phenomenal. I never had to follow up for any deliverable that was pending from his end. I don’t remember if there were days off because anytime, I pinged him he was always there, be it a holiday or a Sunday. It was not the same with my previous consultants where I was constantly chasing them for deliverables.

ISB was the only school that I applied and was able to secure an admit in Round 1 itself.
First generation entrepreneur with an admit to the Indian School of Business

Columbia School of Journalism Logo - The MBA Edge

MBA Edge helped me crack Columbia, which was my dream school for graduate studies. They have an inside- out expertise of the entire application process and leave no stone unturned to give your application an extra edge. The experts guided me from the very beginning of my essay writing process to the last mile of visa application. The expertise they hold in the field provides the correct and accurate information one needs to crack top schools globally.
The consultant helped me shortlist the schools I should apply to, while providing accurate reasoning behind it. He is quick in his analysis and has impressive turn around time with the information I provided him. I was made to ponder over essay questions I would have otherwise missed, had it not been for the one on one guidance provided by him. It is necessary to get into the minutest detail of your application, like ‘what’, ‘why’, which varies across schools. With the guidance of MBA Edge I was able to portray a personal brand in my application. Not just that, he also helped me pick a school between the schools I was accepted at (NYU, Columbia, Northwestern) including the last mile visa process. MBA Edge is impressive and throughly professional.

Journalist with a $25,000 scholarship to the Columbia School of Journalism, $40,000 scholarship to NYU Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute.

Kogod School of Business, American University - The MBA EdgeI had the privilege of working with The MBA Edge consultant during my application process for the MS in Analytics program at Kogod Business School. I cannot thank them enough for the incredible support and guidance that they provided me throughout the entire application process. With their help, I was able to secure a 50% scholarship to attend Kogod Business School, which has been a dream come true for me.

Their consultant was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and supportive at all times. He helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and provided valuable feedback and guidance on my application essays and interview preparation. His attention to detail and personalized approach made me feel confident and well-prepared for the entire process.

I would highly recommend The MBA Edge to anyone who is applying to the master’s program or any other programs in business schools. They are experts in the field, and their guidance and support were truly invaluable to me. Thanks to their support, I am now on my way to pursuing my dreams and achieving my career goals. 
Stay at home mother with a $30,000 scholarship to the MS in Analytics program at the Kogod School of Business, American University. Received a GRE waiver for the application.