Profile Development / Application Planning Services​

Profile Development / Application Planning Services

Do you want to get into your dream MBA program but have time left till you finally start applying? Are you unclear what it takes to get a dream admission from the school of your choice? Has the excess knowledge on the internet cluttered your mind and made you unclear about the application process?

Our unique application planning service is the perfect option for all those who have set their mind on getting an MBA but need guidance on formulating a roadmap to achieve their end goal.

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Through this offering, we will ensure that:

You develop a thorough understanding of what goes into the application process

Get a feel of how the admission committee looks and evaluates applications

Understand what your strengths and your areas area of improvement

How you can differentiate yourself from the larger application pool

This program is developed for candidates who want to start their profile development journey from 2 years to 6 months prior to the start of their formal application process. A longer timeframe ensures that you have enough room to work on multiple aspects of your application, thereby greatly enhancing your chances of success.

In this program, we will work with you on the following:

  • In depth profile discussion call: This call will be the starting point of the program and through this call we will understand your personal and professional aspirations and get a sense of your background and skillsets. This will be a key step to formulate a profile development plan.
  • GMAT / GRE strategy discussions: While we do not provide GRE/GMAT tutoring services, we will provide guidance on what it takes to get a strong test score along with recommendations on the best preparation materials. We will actively track your progress and help you decide whether an additional attempt will make sense. 
  • Career coaching: We will actively coach you to maximize your impact within your role and help you decide the right career direction. Whether it is evaluating another job, a new industry, or a different role within your organization, we are there to help you choose the right track to enhance your candidacy.
  • Skillsets development plan: Whether it’s taking a new certification, signing up for an online course or gaining a new experience, we will work with you to build your skillsets that will enable you to not only get your dream admit but also position you for future success in your professional career.
  • Extra-curricular activities: A critical component of your application, extra-curricular tend to be the most neglected aspect by candidates. In our experience, they can do wonders for your overall application and hence we believe that one should invest sufficient time and effort in building them. We will work with you to assess which activities will have the maximum impact on your profile. 
  • Monthly progress monitoring: We believe that keeping track of your progress is critical for success and hence we will schedule monthly calls to evaluate your progress on all the aspects of your profile. 

In our experience working with multiple clients, we have seen a strong correlation between those who start early and those who achieve the maximum success at the end of their application journey. Building a good profile is not only critical from an admissions perspective but also from getting solid tuition aid.

If pursuing an MBA is on your mind and there is over sufficient time left for your application deadline, reach out to us at [email protected] to have a discussion on our Application Planning Services.

Note: For applications due in September Round deadlines, March will be the last month in which we will onboard candidates for the Application Planning Service.

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