Yale School of Management Full Time MBA

The Yale School of Management stands among the highest echelons of prestigious business schools in the United States, with an exceptionally competitive acceptance rate of around 10 percent annually. Each year, it welcomes around 300 exceptional students from diverse backgrounds, seeking academic excellence, leadership qualities, and a commitment to making a positive impact on business and society. Through rigorous training in both technical business capabilities and responsible leadership virtues, Yale School of Management produces graduates who possess both managerial prowess and moral clarity to drive organizational success while advancing collective prosperity.

What’s unique about Yale School of Management?

  • Small Batch Size – Intimate Cohort Size With just around 300 students per grade, this small class leads to close-knit team environments, both academically and socially. Classes push students to have vulnerable dialogues and collaborate using interpersonal skills. Outside class, students bond over teambuilding activities like cooking competitions, intramural sports leagues, or Constitutional Conversations discussing today’s complex sociopolitical dynamics.

  • Global Immersion – Global Immersion A unique aspect of Yale SOM is its Global Network Week where first-year students visit an international partner B-school for an intensive week of classes, company visits, and cultural experiences meant to build global perspectives. The global immersion opportunities produce culturally fluent, socially conscious graduates prepared to lead across borders.

  • Strength in sustainability – Cutting-Edge Sustainability Focus Yale SOM has one of the longest-standing commitments to environment and sustainability among major business schools. Options like joint degrees in Forestry & Environmental Management allow customized learning. Many students pioneer green startups during or after their MBA, innovating solutions to pressing ecological challenges.

  • Founders and entrepreneurs – Launch Pad for Entrepreneurship Over 20% of Yale SOM alumni go on to start companies soon after graduation, with many students conceiving their venture’s concept in class and incubating the idea through programs like Launch Pad. The school connects budding founders to alumni angel investors as well as peers for advice.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class Size339
Applications SubmittedNA
Average GPA3.64
Average AgeNA
International Students50%
Countries Represented46
Female Students40%
Average GMAT730
Average GRE (Quant/verbal)166/164
% Reported GRE37%
Average Work Ex5.1 years
Undergraduate Degree
Pre – MBA Industries (Top 5)

The Class of 2025 at Yale School of Management comprises a compelling group of future leaders across various industries. Numbering 339 bright minds, the cohort demonstrates impressive academic achievements and rich professional backgrounds. With a lofty average GPA of 3.64 and a remarkable 730 average GMAT score, this class boasts strong intellectual aptitude. Additionally, close to half of the students hail from 46 different countries beyond the US, infusing the program with far-reaching cultural perspectives. Women also make up 40% of the class, spotlighting Yale’s dedication to gender balance. Students with an average of 5.1 years of work experience join the program with professional maturity and real-world knowledge. Top pre-MBA industries feature consulting, finance, and General management. With this multifaceted fusion of global viewpoints, work experience, and academic prowess, the Class of 2025 seems primed to take full advantage of Yale SOM’s cross-disciplinary leadership training and peer-to-peer collaborative environment.

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