SC Johnson College of Business

Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business offers an esteemed Full-Time MBA program across two years, aimed at equipping students with leadership qualities pertinent to various sectors. The college is home to a distinguished and skilled faculty, maintains small cohorts for personalized learning, and fosters a closely-knit academic community. The curriculum is designed to instill a global business outlook among students, providing avenues for international study and exchange programs. SC Johnson graduates are highly regarded by leading employers and benefit from an extensive, worldwide alumni network. The MBA experience here is characterized by a cooperative spirit and a focus on nurturing versatile business leaders.


What’s unique about SC Johnson?

  • Commitment to Sustainability and Social Impact: Cornell’s Johnson College of Business leads with a focus on incorporating elements of sustainability and social importance within its educational offerings. The institution’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise and Emerging Markets Institute provides students with essential tools and insights, empowering them to enact positive societal transformations and tackle international issues via ethical business actions.

  • Innovative Curriculum and Experiential Learning: With innovative programs like the Immersion Seminar, which puts students through intense, hands-on learning experiences to confront challenging real-world business situations, Johnson College is at the forefront of curricular innovation. Because of the school’s dedication to experiential learning, graduates are guaranteed to be well-equipped for the ever-changing corporate environment.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: At Cornell, the business school’s entrepreneurial network is among the most robust. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, together with platforms such as the Big Idea Competition and eLab, furnish learners with the necessary support, guidance, and capital prospects to take their innovative ideas into successful ventures.

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Leveraging the wide-ranging expertise of Cornell, Johnson College encourages cross-discipline partnerships across diverse fields of study. Courses and projects offer an integration of business with technology, hospitality, healthcare, and beyond, equipping students with the versatile skills required by today’s interconnected corporate structures.

  • Global Opportunities: Johnson College presents vast international possibilities, from study abroad programs to participant exchanges, and deep dives into burgeoning markets. Such experiences endow students with a profound comprehension of international commerce, cross-cultural adeptness, and the competence to manage assorted international business settings efficiently.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class Size283
Applications SubmittedNA
Median GPA3.35
Average Age28
International Students42%
Countries Represented39
Female Students43%
Median GMAT710
Average GRE (Verbal / Quant)NA
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex5.4 years

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business has welcomed an impressive and varied group of 283 learners to its Full-Time MBA program for the Class of 2025. These scholars possess a median GPA of 3.35 and an average GMAT score of 710, signaling high academic standards. This cohort includes 42% international students from 39 nations, bringing many global insights. Additionally, there’s a near even gender distribution with 43% female students, and with an average age of 28, these individuals bring valuable professional backgrounds. Their work experience averages 5.4 years, presenting a mature group ready to address business complexities. The Class of 2025 embodies academic excellence, global diversity, and professional maturity, equipping them to emerge as leaders in business committed to making a positive impact.

Our Support for SC Johnson College of Business

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