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The Full-Time MBA program at the Goizueta Business School is a thorough and demanding program aimed at preparing students to become effective business leaders. Known for its dedication to academic excellence and practical relevance, the program offers a wide range of concentrations, including finance, marketing, and strategy. One notable aspect of the program is its focus on hands-on learning experiences. The program is also commended for its commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. With its challenging curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, esteemed faculty, and robust alumni network, the Full-Time MBA program at the Goizueta Business School is an outstanding option for ambitious individuals looking to cultivate the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive business landscape.


What’s unique about Goizueta Business School?

  • Experiential Learning Opportunities: Goizueta Business School is known for its emphasis on hands-on, experiential learning. Students have the chance to participate in real-world consulting projects, case competitions, and immersive experiences that allow them to apply their knowledge and develop practical skills. This approach ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the business world.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The school fosters a strong entrepreneurial spirit, providing resources and support for students interested in starting their ventures. This includes access to mentorship programs, funding opportunities, and dedicated entrepreneurship courses. The vibrant entrepreneurial community at Goizueta nurtures innovative thinking and encourages students to take calculated risks.

  • Global Perspective: With a diverse student body and a focus on international business, Goizueta equips students with a global mindset. Through international study tours, exchange programs, and exposure to multinational case studies, students gain a deep understanding of the complexities of operating in a global business environment.

  • Collaborative Community: The school fosters a collaborative and supportive learning environment, where students work together to tackle complex business challenges. This approach not only facilitates knowledge sharing but also builds strong professional networks that extend beyond graduation, providing valuable connections and opportunities for graduates throughout their careers.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class Size125
Applications SubmittedNA
Average GPA3.47
Average AgeNA
International Students49%
Countries Represented17
Female Students34%
Average GMAT709
Average GRE (Verbal / Quant)NA
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex6 years

The Goizueta Business School’s Full-Time MBA Class of 2025 boasts a class size of 125 students from diverse backgrounds. With an average GPA of 3.47 and an average GMAT score of 709, the cohort demonstrates academic excellence. The class comprises 49% international students representing 17 countries, fostering a global perspective. Additionally, 34% of the students are female, contributing to a rich diversity of perspectives. The average age of 28 and 6 years of work experience bring valuable real-world insights to the classroom. This well-rounded and accomplished class promises an enriching learning experience at Goizueta.

Our Support for Goizueta Business School

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