The Fuqua School of Business has earned a strong reputation with prospective applicants given its experiential approach and its location on Duke University’s campus. The school’s unique curriculum which is taught by its distinguished faculty is the cornerstone of the program. Team-based learning allows students to apply concepts to real business scenarios and develops key collaborative abilities. Given its affiliation with Duke University, the Fuqua School of Business offers some excellent programs in marketing, finance, health sector management, and social entrepreneurship. The program equips graduates not only with essential business skills but also with the integrity, confidence, and global perspective to create value as principled leaders.


 What’s unique about Duke Fuqua?

  • Team-Based Learning: A signature part of the Fuqua MBA is the structured team-based learning approach used across the curriculum. Unlike most business programs where group projects occur occasionally, Fuqua utilizes ongoing teams in nearly all courses. This focus equips students to be effective team leaders, synthesizing multiple perspectives and learning from others unlike oneself. The team-based structure allows for peer learning and develops communication, influence, and conflict resolution abilities key for today’s collaborative business environment.

  • Health Sector Management: Fuqua is one of the only top business schools with specialized MBA courses, research, and events focused on the health sector. A good portion of recent graduates entered healthcare, working in areas like pharma, biotech, providers, insurance, and medical devices. Fuqua’s healthcare ecosystem confers an advantage for students focused on the massive and complex health industry.

  • Sanford Brand Leadership Program: Fuqua allows marketing-passionate students to differentiate themselves through the Sanford Brand Leadership Program. Post-graduation, about 15% of Sanford Certificate earners move into coveted brand management roles, while others apply branding knowledge across functions like consulting and general management. The Sanford Program provides hands-on brand training and experiences that unlock major CPG, tech, and healthcare brand opportunities.

  • Social Impact Focus: Fuqua has a strong social impact ethos running throughout the MBA experience. Students can focus on socially conscious careers through Social Entrepreneurship courses and the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE). Through mentorship, funding competitions, and capstone projects supporting good causes, Fuqua fosters principled leaders who want their business skills to also benefit vulnerable communities and environmental sustainability.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class Size385
Applications SubmittedNA
Average GPA(Middle 80%)3.1-3.89
Average Age29
International Students47%
Countries Represented51
Female Students45%
Average GMAT(Middle 80%)670-760
Average GRE Combined Range (Middle 80%)306-330
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex6.1 years
Undergraduate Degree

The Class of 2025 at Duke Fuqua Business School is made up of talented and varied future leaders. The class holds an average GPA between 3.1-3.89 and an Average GMAT score between 670-760. With the cohort showing sturdy academic chops, 47% of students are international and 45% are women, spotlighting Duke’s dedication to worldwide viewpoints and diversity. The incoming group wielded 6.1 years of experience on average. The most frequent undergraduate degrees held are in business(30%), economics(12%), engineering(37%), and liberal arts(15%). Altogether, the Class of 2025 came fully equipped with the skillsets to carry forward the school’s tradition of developing business leaders who engender positive societal impact.

Our Support for Duke Fuqua MBA Application

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