Khushi Jaiswal

Hello I’m Khushi Jaiswal and originally I’m from Madhya Pradesh in India, however I have been traveling all around the world for my education. So I’ve been educated in the UK, the US and Amsterdam and also in India for a bit, but in most recent years my higher education has taken place in the UK where I did my GCSE in Wales and I did my A levels in London and I’m currently doing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science again in London from Kings College of London KCL. During my summers I usually do internships, in the younger years I used to do intern at schools where I’d be a teaching assistant and I’ve also run an Art Club. My most recent in internships is where I have realized that a Masters is definitely what I do want to do into in the future. So I did my internship at TCS where I was working with the HR & Marketing team and there I talked to other business analysts within TCS and they showed me what they did their role in the company and it’s something that really attracted me and that is where I looked at Business Schools and London Business School and their Masters course Masters in Analytics and Management. So, I really had strong technical background from my computer science degree and I just needed that practical experience that London Business School would be able to give to me to pursue my short-term career goal as a Business Analyst just as I had seen in my work experience. I currently do hold an offer from London Business School which I will be starting in August and in the short term as I said I will be looking at Business Analysts role and then moving on I’d go onto Engagement Manager just moving up the hierarchy still a very client-based role but also keeping my strong analytical background with me.
Now as you probably already know that you have to apply with the GMAT school now I did my GMAT in summer of 2023 and that’s where my application process started. um I actually got 670 in my GMAT which is in the acceptable range that London Business School however I know that many people apply with higher scores so I knew that my application would be have would have to be exceptional to make up for the 670 that I got in the GMAT. This is where I talked to Abhinav for the first time, now Abhinav has been exceptional throughout the whole process from start to end. So I came to him with just my GMAT score and basically nothing else and from that he showed me that I’d have to go through all the essay questions and then he taught me how I would answer them. I wrote up my answers I’d send them to him he would give me feedback on the answers that I had written and then I change them again send them back. So this happened a few times and then he was also able to check my CV and make any tweaks to it just to make sure that I was checking all the boxes that London Business School was looking for in any applicants which again. I’m very grateful for. After that I got into the interview round again in the interview round, Abhinav was immensely helpful as he gave me prompt questions which I wrote myself again gave them back to him for feedback and he also took two mock interviews of me for me where I was able to really see what the interview process would feel like and make and made sure I didn’t make any mistakes on my actual interview. Due to his amazing guidance I passed that as well so now I do hold an offer as I said and I will be starting in August and I really think that my application would not have been as strong as it was if it hadn’t been for Abhinav. So I’m 100% recommend him to anyone who’s applying to Business Schools not only in the UK but outside as well, his guidance has been exceptional and I can’t thank him enough for it. So yeah that has been my journey applying to London Business School in Masters in Analytics and Management and good luck with your own journey.

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