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As one of the highest-rated MBA programs worldwide, the Kellogg School of Management is distinguished by its experiential curriculum and leadership development opportunities. Through simulations, consulting projects, startups, and research opportunities, MBA candidates tackle real-world cases, developing creative solutions while gaining practical know-how.
The MBA program’s main goal is to develop leaders via coursework, strong alumni networks, and chances for experiential learning. With its immersive learning environment and close-knit community. Kellogg produces talented,value-driven leaders who can leave an impact that lasts.

What’s unique about Kellogg?

  • Experiential learning focus – Kellogg provides more than 100 practical courses at both domestic and foreign hubs, including startups, consulting projects, simulations, and field study programs. Students apply their knowledge to real-world business challenges and develop creative approaches. This practical training helps students build business skills and also expands global perspectives.
  • Personalization – With abundant course offerings and flexibility in choosing majors and electives, Kellogg students can tailor their MBA path to their unique interests and goals There are also one-of-a-kind dual degree programs like the JD-MBA, MMM (engineering), MD-MBA and MBA-MPP.
  • Strong entrepreneurship presence – The Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative goes beyond the classroom to accelerate startups, including faculty advising, networking events, and the nationally-ranked Zell Fellows Program. This robust entrepreneurship ecosystem has helped launch over 140 alumni-led startups in the past decade.
  • Leadership Focus – Leadership development is an integral part of the Kellogg MBA experience. The school offers over 28 courses specifically focused on leadership. Kellogg is known for producing top CEOs and executives, Kellogg emphasizes that leadership capabilities are critical for positive impact across all sectors.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class Size529
Applications SubmittedNA
Average GPA3.7
Average AgeNA
International Students39%
Countries RepresentedNA
Female Students48%
Average GMAT731
Average GRE (Verbal / Quant)163/163
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex5 years
Undergraduate Degree
Pre – MBA Industries (Top 5)

The Kellogg class of 2025 has brought together over 500 students from diverse backgrounds with an average GPA of 3.7 and a GMAT score of 731 the cohort demonstrated a strong academic pedigree. The class was diverse with international students consisting of 39% and female students constituting 48% of incoming students together illustrating Kellogg’s commitment to global perspectives and diversity. The incoming class had an average work experience of 5 years.  

Before enrolling, the top pre-MBA industries seen were consulting (26%), financial services (19%), technology (19%), non-profits (4%) and healthcare (9%). Collectively, the Class of 2025 arrived with the acumen and variety of viewpoints conducive to leadership development and cross-collaboration.

Our support for Northwestern Kellogg MBA application

If you aspire to be admitted to Kellogg Northwestern, our comprehensive application advisory program The MBA Edge can help you launch a successful journey. With a focus on thoughtfully conveying your unique story and fitting with Kellogg’s experiential learning culture, our abroad MBA Consultant aims to help you stand apart from other applicants. Our personalized coaching keeps you central in crafting an authentic application strategy tailored to Kellogg’s values like leadership development, cross-collaboration, and social impact. Through customized guidance on all aspects of the process, we strive to equip you not only to gain admission to this highly selective program but also to thrive during your MBA and pursue a meaningful post-graduation career. By working closely together, we hope to position you to join the impressive Kellogg network known for driving change across business and society.

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