Wharton School Executive MBA

For experienced professionals pursuing leadership growth, Penn’s Wharton Business School provides a well-regarded executive MBA. Although the average enrollee possesses 10-12 years’ experience, some have entered with 7-8. The two-year curriculum focuses real-world application of fresh business and management competencies. Noted program aspects are Wharton’s substantial alumni network, intensive learning, small cohorts, individualized guidance, and schedule flexibility for working students. With a degree from one of the top-ranked providers globally, talent can target elevated business roles. The coursework stresses leadership abilities for solving live field challenges. For peak career progression, accomplished applicants derive value from Wharton’s powerful capabilities.

What’s unique about Wharton?

  • Global Brand Recognition- The Wharton School enjoys a strong global reputation that elevates careers both domestically and internationally. Graduates gain lifelong branding and credibility from the widely respected Wharton name. This opens new doors and opportunities in top national and global leadership roles across industries.

  • Substantial Professional Network- Students access an expansive alumni network of over 100,000 accomplished professionals across diverse sectors. These connections provide mentorship, career advancement, and transition opportunities into new roles or fields. Exposure to current full-time MBA and EMBA classmates further expands this safety net.

  • Flexibility for West Coast Applicants- Applicants based on the West Coast can select to enter the prestigious program as part of either the San Francisco or Philadelphia cohort. This provides the flexibility to stay closer to home while still gaining the full Wharton EMBA experience and credentials.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class SizePhiladelphia: 121
San Francisco: 110
Global: 47
Applications SubmittedNA
Median EA155
Average Age37
International StudentsNA
Countries Represented41
Female Students34%
Median GMAT711
Average GRE (Verbal / Quant)NA
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex13 years
Previous Work Experience (top 5 )

Wharton’s prestigious executive MBA annually hosts over 300 students across its Philadelphia, San Francisco, and global campuses. The average student is 37 years old with 13 years of professional experience. The program attracts accomplished applicants (711 GMAT, 155 Executive Assessment) from over 40 countries. The top industries represented are healthcare, technology, finance, social impact/government/military, and manufacturing. A third of students are female. With small cohort sizes fostering tight-knit learning, and classmates bringing diverse global perspectives from top fields, Wharton EMBA prepares leaders to tackle complex challenges at the highest levels.

Our Support for The Wharton School MBA Application

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