MIT School of Management stands as a worldwide authority in business education and research. Driven by a commitment to cultivate principled and innovative leaders, MIT Sloan brings together exceptional minds to tackle global challenges. Solan offers all kinds of business programs- MBA, EMBA, master’s, PhD, and executive MBA. Through experiential learning, the MBA program offers students the chance to engage with business, government, and nonprofit organizations. In conclusion, MIT Sloan provides an excellent business program that perfectly combines technology and business.


What’s unique about MIT Sloan?

  • Focus on Innovation – MIT Sloan distinguishes itself by its constant emphasis on innovation, offering students an environment that continually fosters creativity in thought. Courses teach innovative frameworks while projects tackle real-world problems with fresh perspectives. The program’s proximity to tech and science labs further enables boundary-pushing innovation.

  • Finest Faculty – The experienced faculty at MIT Sloan, comprising top experts and industry specialists, enhances the program’s academic excellence. Students benefit from their cutting-edge research and real-world experience, gaining current insights into business theories and practices. Beyond traditional teaching roles, professors also serve as mentors, offering valuable guidance and support both within and beyond the classroom.

  • Strong Academics – MIT Sloan’s intensive curriculum stretches students to grow intellectually, developing an incisive understanding of multifaceted business concepts. The program’s analytical rigor sharpens critical thinking and technical abilities. Graduates gain the mental acuity to unravel complex issues, along with the conceptual grasp to drive strategic decisions.

  • Building Entrepreneurs – At MIT Students are inspired to create, take chances, and assume leadership roles by the program’s encouragement of an entrepreneurial mindset. Graduates acquire the skills and mindset needed to succeed in uncertain environments and contribute to the growth of organizations.

  • Interdisciplinary Learning – MIT Sloan champions collaboration across diverse domains including engineering, computer science, and design. Through interdisciplinary projects and campus-wide initiatives, students engage with multiple fields. Exposure to varied perspectives sharpens critical thinking and sparks creativity. By crossing traditional boundaries, students learn to synthesize different viewpoints.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class Size409
Applications SubmittedNA
Average GPA3.61
Average AgeNA
International Students40%
Countries Represented60
Female Students46%
Average GMAT730
Average GRE (Verbal / Quant)162/161
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex5 years
Undergraduate Degree
Pre – MBA Industries (Top 5)

MIT Sloan Class of 2025 demonstrated a strong academic foundation with the Median GPA being 3.61 while the average GMAT was 730. The class was diverse with international students consisting of 40% across 60 countries and female students constituting 46% of incoming students which goes on to attest to the focus on diversity. The incoming class had an average work experience of 5 years. Business, Nearly 60% of the incoming class in the Class of 2025 at MIT Sloan holds undergraduate degrees in Business, Economics, and Engineering. The leading pre-MBA industries for this class are Consulting and Finance. In summary, the Class of 2025 is a diverse and accomplished group, illustrating MIT Sloan’s commitment to creating a global community of future business leaders.

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