Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University



Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business offers a selective, full-time MBA program that molds leaders who are ethical and adept at making decisions based on data. Students here sharpen their analytical skills to tackle the intricacies of modern business. A varied cohort enriches the learning experience, equipping graduates to handle the global market’s demands. Located in Houston, a center for innovation and entrepreneurship with close connections to the energy sector, the school provides unparalleled networking and career prospects. The Jones School is dedicated to shaping leaders who are not just adept in business but also socially responsible, offering an MBA that prepares students for leadership across various sectors.


What’s unique about Jones Graduate School of Business?

  • Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP): The Jones School offers the Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP), which teaches students how to start and run educational businesses. Through coursework, consulting projects, and a business plan competition, students develop eco-friendly educational initiatives. REEP is the only program like it among top business schools.

  • Action Learning Projects: The Jones School focuses on learning through real-world projects with companies. Students work in teams to solve complex business problems across different industries. These projects give practical experience and help students build professional connections.

  • Insight Into Integrity: The commitment to ethical leadership is paramount at the Jones School. Through the Insight Into Integrity program, which permeates the MBA curriculum, students grow into leaders of principle equipped to face moral challenges and make sound business decisions. This pioneering program is instrumental in establishing a bedrock of integrity within the school’s culture.
  • Rice Alumni Network: The Jones School has a strong alumni network with graduates holding top positions in companies worldwide. Students can access a mentorship program connecting them with successful alumni for guidance and support during and after their MBA. This network provides valuable career opportunities and lifelong connections.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 3 Year Average
Class Size166
Applications SubmittedNA
Average GPA3.46
Average AgeNA
International Students42%
Countries RepresentedNA
Female Students36%
Average GMAT702
Average GRE (Verbal / Quant)157/160
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex5.3 years
Undergraduate Degree
Pre – MBA Industries (Top 5)

The Jones School’s full-time MBA program attracts a diverse and accomplished group of students. On average, they score 702 on the GMAT and have a GPA of 3.46, showing they’re really smart. Many students (42%) come from different countries, making the program globally diverse. Also, 52% have degrees in STEM fields, like math or science, and 37% studied business or economics. Before coming to the MBA program, students typically have 5.3 years of work experience. They come from various industries, like energy, finance, consulting, entrepreneurship, and consumer goods. This mix of backgrounds creates a rich learning environment. The Jones School values having a diverse student body as it brings different viewpoints and experiences to the table, which helps everyone grow personally and professionally.

Our Support for Jones Graduate School of Business

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