Foster School of Business, Full Time MBA


The Foster School of Business at the University of Washington delivers a comprehensive Full-Time MBA program blending rigorous academics with experiential learning. While allowing students to focus on entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, or technology management, the program covers all the essentials of business. Foster values contributions from a variety of backgrounds because the program places a strong emphasis on inclusivity and collaboration. Through collaborations with Seattle’s thriving business community, students can attain experiences and insights that are unmatched. Leadership, creativity, and environmentally friendly business methods are also covered in the program. Upon strengthening these foundational components, graduates of Foster become skilled in addressing intricate business issues and making valuable contributions in various sectors.

What’s unique about Foster School of Business?

  • Experiential Learning Opportunities: At Foster School of Business, students engage directly in business projects, bridging theory with practice. Initiatives like the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition program offer firsthand experience in business acquisition and management.
  • Emphasis on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Foster stimulates innovative thinking, preparing students to become forward-thinking entrepreneurs. The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship stands as the epicenter for entrepreneurial pursuits, offering mentors and funding for emerging business leaders. Foster Business School hosts competitions like the Dempsey Startup to help students evolve ideas into businesses.
  • Sustainable Business Practices: Foster embeds sustainability within its curriculum, preparing students to tackle environmental and social obstacles in businesses. Foster Business School has a Center for Sustainable Business imparts skills necessary for leading sustainable initiatives, with specialized paths including sustainable systems and environmental management.
  • Strong Ties to the Seattle Business Community: Situated in a prosperous area for tech and innovation, Foster enjoys robust bonds with Seattle’s business community, including giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing. This proximity facilitates networking, imparts industry understanding, and opens career avenues for our students, enhanced by guest lectures and mentorship programs.
  • Inclusive and Collaborative Learning Environment: Foster commitment lies in creating a learning space that values and integrates diverse perspectives. Foster MBA program emphasizes team projects and interactive learning, enabling students to value differences and hone collaboration skills – key competencies in the global business market.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class Size111
Applications SubmittedNA
Median GPA3.3
Average Age29
International Students56%
Countries RepresentedNA
Female Students47%
Average GMAT710
Median GRE (Quant/verbal)164/158
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex6 years
Undergraduate Degree

The Foster School of Business at the University of Washington attracts a highly accomplished and diverse MBA class. The Full-Time MBA program’s Class of 2025 has an average GMAT score of 692 and an average GPA of 3.4, demonstrating strong academic abilities. Around 30% of students are international, representing over 20 countries and bringing a global perspective. The class averages 5 years of professional work experience before enrollment. Students come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds such as business/economics (35%), engineering/computer science (28%), and humanities/social sciences (20%). Their pre-MBA employment spans multiple sectors like technology, consulting, financial services, and manufacturing. This diverse cohort allows for a rich classroom experience with students bringing different viewpoints and experiences. Overall, Foster cultivates an exceptional MBA class that is prepared to tackle complex business challenges through its rigorous curriculum and supportive learning environment.

Our Support for Foster School of Business

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