Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA

Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA The Booth School of Business has earned a strong reputation with prospective applicants given its analytical approach and its location in downtown Chicago. The school’s unique curriculum which is taught by its world class faculty is the cornerstone of the program. Outside academics, the school provided endless extracurricular opportunities to ensure the personal and professional development of its students. Given its affiliation with the University of Chicago, the Booth School of Business has some solid offerings in the Finance and Strategy domains.

What’s unique about Booth?

  • 125-year legacy: The Booth School of Business was founded in 1898 and since has committed itself to developing students who go onto become world class business leaders.
  • Location in Downtown Chicago: Being in the vibrant downtown area in Chicago, the school provides unparalleled access to corporates, executives, entrepreneurs, and global thinkers given its unique location. The cosmopolitan nature of the city and its amazing food scenes are something to die for.
  • Strong Quant Focus: The school is known for its analytical curriculum and its strong focus on quant which helps students become strong analytical thinkers and key decision makers.
  • Multidisciplinary curriculum: The unique curriculum at Booth enables students to pursue courses and offerings that fit their career aspirations and personal interests. Unlike most other MBA programs, the Booth curriculum does not require students to go through classes together in the first year.
  • LEAD (Leadership Effectiveness and Development): An experiential MBA leadership development course, the LEAD course helps students evolve their leadership skills through active training and mentorship. With a tailored development plan, this course helps students groom their ability to lead teams.
  • ‘Paying-It-Forward’ culture: One of the most collaborative communities, the school has a strong tradition of ‘Paying-It-Forward’ where one the incoming class is extensively mentored by the second years. This culture extends even after graduation making all Boothies accessible to current students.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2024
Class Size634
Applications Submitted4,184
Average GPA3.6
Average Age28
International Students37%
Countries Represented54
Female Students40%
Average GMAT66%
Average GRE (Verbal / Quant)163/164
% Reported GRE29%
Average Work Ex5 years
Undergraduate Degree
Geographic Split
Pre – MBA Industries (Top 5)

Top Employers

Employer Number of Hires
McKinsey & Co 71
Boston Consulting Group 52
Bain & Co 30
Amazon 17
Goldman Sachs 15
Citigroup 12
Morgan Stanley 9
PwC Strategy 8
Kearney 6
Alpine Investors 5

Career Outcomme

Top Functions% of HiresMedian Salary
Investment Banking15%$175,000
Product Management (Tech)9%$165,000
Private Equity8%$169,000
Corporate Strategy4%$150,000
All Others24%N/A

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