Berkeley Haas Full Time MBA

UC Berkeley’s Walter A. Haas School of Business
is regarded as one of the best business schools in the world and is frequently ranked in the top 5 worldwide. Haas, which was established in 1898, places a high value on working across academic fields to solve practical commercial and societal issues. With eminent faculty members including three Nobel laureates in Economics, the school follows an intellectually rigorous, analytics-driven approach. The culture facilitates lifelong peer bonding with values of confidence, leadership, ethics, and societal responsibility beyond oneself. The Haas School of Business offers a dynamic and forward-thinking education that empowers education combined with access to over 45,000 alumni and catalyzes promising career pathways after graduation.

What’s unique about Berkeley Haas?

  • Leadership Principles – The curriculum at Haas is filled with four defining principles of leadership: Questioning the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself. These guidelines help students develop into morally and strategically sound leaders.

  • Culture of Collaboration – Haas fosters an open, collaborative culture rather than a competitive one. Students are encouraged to work together through study groups, team projects, clubs, and more. Core values built into the program emphasize confidence without arrogance, questioning assumptions, and considering decision impacts on wider society. This facilitates bonding.

  • Cross-Disciplinary Focus – As part of UC Berkeley, Haas collaborates across disciplines like computer science, engineering, sciences, public policy, law, etc. The Berkeley method of “learning by doing” gets integrated across Haas programs through experiential projects, case studies, and simulations that tackle real multifaceted problems.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset – Through competitions, venture capital funds, and mentoring, organizations such as the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Technology encourage the growth of an entrepreneurial attitude.

Class Profile

Academic Statistics

 Class of 2025
Class Size244
Applications SubmittedNA
Average GPA3.64
Average AgeNA
International Students41%
Countries Represented45
Female Students46%
Average GMAT733
Average GRE (Verbal / Quant)161/163
% Reported GRENA
Average Work Ex5.8 years
Undergraduate Degree
Pre – MBA Industries (Top 5)

The Berkeley Haas School of Business Class of 2025 boasts strong academic credentials with the median GPA being 3.64 and average GMAT of an impressive 733. The class reflects good diversity with 41% being international students. Women comprise 46% of the incoming class, attesting to Hass’s commitment to inclusion. With an average work experience of 5.8 years, the class brings in maturity alongside qualifications. In terms of academic backgrounds, 50% have undergraduate degrees in Business/Economics/Engineering. The prominence of Consulting and Finance as key pre-MBA sectors continues with their commensurate 24% and 16% representation. Thus holistically, the Haas Class of 2025 enters with a well-rounded mix of standout prior performances, global orientations, key competencies, and experiences to actively contribute towards the experiential learning at Berkeley Haas.

Our Support for Berkeley Hass MBA Application

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