Tips To Boost Your Profile For Dream B-School

A common query is what should be done to boost profile during undergraduate programs to amplify profile for business school. In a cut-throat competition, it becomes necessary to have a robust profile which will help you stand out. If you are certain about a business school where you want to be, then it is prudent to start building your profile from your undergraduate years.

In this article, we aim to address some of the proactive steps you can take to build your profile.

Undergrad matters

It is no secret that attending a reputed school has its advantages, especially when it comes to making a good impression on a prospective employer. That is, however, only part of the game. What you major in and how well you perform in your existing courses matters to create a solid profile. Don’t ignore your college studies, as it will certainly add to your profile. Introspecting your choice of course will add to your business school profile. There are many MBA consulting services in India that can help you edit & review your MBA profiles to stand out from the crowd.

Go Beyond Your Academics

Most business schools seek candidates who go beyond textbooks and formal education. Spend productive time in college to venture outside of academia, via extra curricular activities. Not only will it help you develop interest in different fields you have explored earlier, but also give you an opportunity to hone your leadership, collaboration, coordination and teamwork skills. Join student clubs, or student organizations offering internships outside college, organize events in and outside college. Document all your experience carefully in the application.

Some activities you can consider include undertaking certification courses, volunteering with NGOs, participating in committee activities, working with a start-up, or working part time. The possibilities are endless.

Network and network

One often underrated skill is building and establishing a network. Connect with your seniors, especially those who wish to attend or have attended business school themselves. Connect with alumni from these schools or best idea is to have a productive discussion with the MBA consultant in India who maintains a wide network of MBA schools across the world. They will guide you choosing the best & most appropriate MBA school based on your profile. Also, attending conferences will not only give you an insight to how the industry works but will also enhance your networking skills. The more people you speak with, the more clarity you will get about the kind of course you want to pursue in the future.