Tips For Writing A Compelling MBA Essay

Tips For Writing A Compelling MBA Essay

Writing a Business school essay is a vital opportunity to go beyond your GMAT/GPA scores and enable the admission committee to take a deeper look at your personality, story, and authenticity to learn more about you further. The context provided in an MBA application helps them connect the dots about you as an individual and build a comprehensive picture of who you are & why you are eligible for their program.

If you want to draw the attention of your admission reviewer, you can consult with professional MBA consulting services in India. Also, you need to ensure that your essay delivers an enough yet strong sense of who you are, along with things that make you stand apart from the crowd.

Though writing a compelling & impressive MBA essay is tricky, we’ve curated a few tips on getting started on a great MBA application below. Keep reading to know:

Must-Read MBA Essay Tips You Should Know About

Writing an impressive MBA essay is mostly based on how you describe your life experiences and exhibit your true self in front of the admission committee. 

So, if you’re looking to apply to a top Business school, try to implement these MBA essay tips. 

Here they are as follows:

1. Stay Focused on the Question and Answer Accordingly

Today, MBA admission committees eagerly look for essential qualities in candidates to determine their uniqueness and eligibility required for an MBA program. So, before writing or answering a question, imagine a big picture and consider the “why” behind your essay contexts. 

An MBA consultant India can help you be explanative and authentic while answering basic questions such as – your goals, strengths, specific life events or career aspirations, etc., will determine your success. Focus on the essence of the question instead of including a list of accomplishments and deliver the most genuine way for the admission committee to know about you.

2. A Perfect Essay Structure Matters

A carefully & thoroughly carved structure sets the impression of a candidate’s approach to answering specific questions in the eyes of the admission committee. So, it should be thoughtfully nurtured by the applicants. 

Generally, an MBA essay is framed in a common structure consisting of the setup, critical points, and the future. The setup is where your essay starts, giving the admission committee a slight idea about you. The pivot point deals with knowledge about a candidate’s desires and approaches to fulfilling them. The final section explains how your learning preferences will help your career.

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3. Emphasis Language or Tone You’re Using

When it comes to using the language or setting the tone of your MBA essay, it should be such that everyone from the admission committee can understand it. Professional MBA admissions consultants can guide productively expressing yourself. Admission reviewers come from all different backgrounds & fields, probably unaware of the ins & outs of your respective industry. 

Since the admission committee wants to know about you as a person, make sure you are being genuine & simply telling them what they want to hear to create an impression about you. Authenticity & genuineness are other important elements to incorporate into your essay.

4. Discuss Short & Long-Term Goals 

Many MBA admission essays contain specific questions based on evaluating candidates’ short-term & long-term goals to know their future aspirations and attitude toward accomplishing them. So, make sure that your goals match the MBA program you’re applying for in a B-school and give a clear idea to the committee about how these programs will help you achieve your goals. 

Stating your goals in an MBA essay serves two important purposes. First, it shows your dedication and methodology toward your career. Secondly, it helps them know whether you’re a right fit for a particular MBA program.

5. Always Be Authentic

Don’t be persuaded to write something you think an admission committee wants to hear. Instead, be genuine & authentic and provide enough information to stand apart. Each point should convey a clear picture of who you are rather than bragging about your accomplishments. Don’t make them think you’re trying to fit the ideal category.

6. Describe an Event that Reflects your Experience

While selecting a specific topic to write about in your MBA essay, make sure it talks about a productive & genuine effect on your life and relates to your personality. Various professional MBA consultants India can help you choose a suitable topic, examples, or any specific accomplishments to boost your profile. 

Writing an impressive MBA essay goes beyond the mere statements of your chosen program. For example, if you claim to be a leader, the admission committee simply wants to take a peek into any life events that pushed or encouraged you in the existing situation. 

7. Be Concise

In the experience of many MBA admissions consultants, several MBA programs are tightening or restricting the overall word limit on their essays, such as Michigan Ross, Stanford GSB, UCLA Anderson, Duke Fuqua, etc. With these guidelines, candidates must keep their MBA essays short, brief, and concise. 

Focus on highlighting essential elements and let your genuine tone come through in your writing rather than trying to overwhelm the reader with much information.


These are a few valuable MBA essay writing tips that you must incorporate in your writing to brighten the chances of staying ahead of your competitors and securing admission to your dream business school. Getting into a top B-school can be daunting if you don’t know how to write a compelling MBA essay. But the process can be much simpler with these tips.