MBA Tips for Finance Professionals

MBA Tips for Finance Professionals

Many finance professionals look forward to doing an MBA in their careers. If you are in the finance sector, be it in investment banking, venture capital, asset management, or equity research, not only are you facing competition from general candidates but other finance candidates as well. This becomes more pronounced in today’s landscape, where admission directors are looking at a diverse batch frame. In this landscape, it is imperative to leave no stone unturned when it comes to having an outstanding and easily distinguishable profile. There are many steps you can take for the same, some of which we will discuss below:

Tailor your resume for Business School

A resume details all your previous accomplishments, however, for Business School you will have to highlight your main accomplishments, and skills relevant to your course and future aspirations. A strongly worded resume will help you stand out from the crowd.

When coming from a finance background, focus on projects that display leadership skills. This has to go beyond quantifiable results and listing of achievements which is typical of a resume. You have to highlight your specific contribution to the projects you will be listing. In addition to listing your professional achievements, it will be a feather in your cap if you can highlight some extracurriculars as well. 

Demonstrate arenas where you have gone out of your way

Many finance professionals have been part of teams who have cracked deals worth millions of dollars. This is what many finance professionals highlight in their resumes. To stand out, you have to demonstrate instances where you have gone above and beyond your conventional role. If you highlight an individual initiative taken by you, namely, a new training module for young recruits, mentoring a colleague, participating proactively in your company’s CSR projects, or taking on additional projects, then that will be an outstanding factor in your resume. You have to highlight how you provided value addition to your organization beyond a conventional employee. 

MBA Tips for Finance Professionals

Go beyond factual skills

You can have top-tier analytical skills, but that should not be the sole focus of your resume. Talk about your hobbies, extracurriculars, or volunteer experience that highlights your personality. Do not focus on what the admission directors have to hear, but on what you have to offer. These pointers will help you stand out especially when you come from a pool of highly qualified finance professionals. 

Cast a wide pool

During an admission cycle, there is usually an overflow of a single profile pool of applicants. For example, there are n number of engineers who apply to Business schools in India and abroad. The same can be said for finance professionals. Even if you are qualified, you will face difficulties securing admission. 

Given the dicey admission situation, it is advisable to apply to seven or eight schools at least. The schools should be in line with your GRE, GMAT, and undergraduate GPA. A good business school counselor will help you make the right choices, by giving you optimistic yet honest feedback. 

Pick out your recommenders

You must take ample time to pick out the people who will be writing your letters of recommendation. The recommendations must be in line with the story you want to tell in your application which is setting you apart from your competition anyway.  They should be able to pinpoint your accomplishments, who you are as a person and the qualities that will help you stand out from other finance candidates.