Key questions to ask your MBA Consultant

Key questions to ask your MBA Consultant

In today’s day and age, 1 in 5 business school applicants hire an admissions consultant and this number is set to increase. While it is just 20% at present, given the competitive pool of applicants it makes sense to consult one in your application process. A good consultant will ease the process while providing insight into each business school’s requirements. (Also read: Why should you hire a consultant). Now that you have some idea about the importance of a consultant, the second step is deciding which one to go for. While you have to answer this question for yourself, we will ease the process for you regarding which questions you should ask to finalize your decision. Here are some pertinent factors to consider:

1. How many years of experience do you have?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! If a consultant has enough years behind them, they have the required industry experience. Experience also means they are thorough with the industry trends and can go beyond what Google offers. There is no single answer about the number of years a consultant must have before being marked credible, but it should be enough to convince you about appointing them as your consultant and trusting them with your application.

2. Are they comfortable working with you?

Each person has a unique personality, so it is necessary to figure out if you gel well with your consultant. It is always important to see if they have dealt with a candidate from your background, academic, and work profile. Given that you will be working with each other for at least a few months if not a year, your values should align, and there has to be a mutual understanding, comradery, and connection. If there is persistent friction and disagreement, then it will only increase the difficulty of an already challenging application process.

3. How many clients do they accept in each round?

This question is especially important if you are working with an independent consultant. This will tell you how much individual attention you will get, and how much time the MBA consultant can devote to your application, especially if you are applying to multiple schools. This would be especially important if your deadlines are fast approaching, which is almost always the case, given that there are multiple rounds/cycles to business school applications.

4. Have they been to business school themselves?

While it has probably been some time since your consultant has been a student, coming from the same field of study will make it easy for them to help with your essays, especially the language of business communication which will help you nail your application. They will also have first-hand application experience, and understand the gusto and enterprise with which you have to approach your application.

5. Look for reviews/peer recommendations

We always look for reviews on Amazon before we decide to invest our money. The same goes for a business school consultant! Good reviews usually mean good credibility and value for your time and money. When it comes to a consultant, some important questions to ask are: Has anyone around you worked with them before? If yes, what do they have to say? What do the reviews say about them? If the overall feedback about them is overall positive, then it is worth considering proceeding with them for your application.

A good MBA consultant India will help you maneuver the complicated application process. They specialize in each college and its unique requirements. While there is no magic formula to getting into your dream business school, the same applies to a consultant. You must consider the above factors before you decide which consultant is best suited to your needs.