Common MBA Application Errors You Need to Avoid

Common MBA Application Errors You Need to Avoid

The admission committees of various business schools worldwide encounter thousands of MBA applications yearly to shortlist suitable candidates who strive to achieve their future career aspirations. It is why MBA applicants try rigorously to pinpoint their unique capabilities via life events, experiences, career & educational goals to establish their eligibility among the crowd further.

No wonder many candidates who wish to submit an impressive & compelling MBA essay consult with MBA consulting services in India to get professional guidance and ensure there are no pitfalls in representing themselves via applications. 

Considering the complex & rigid process of selecting candidates for a B-school, we’ve brought a few common MBA application errors every MBA aspirant must know about. Take a look:

Avoid These Mistakes In Your MBA Application 

Remember, your MBA application is not just a mere representation of your academic accomplishments but also the very first level of communication with the admission authority. The context of an MBA essay sets a lasting impression of a candidate in the eyes of admission reviewers. 

So, next time while writing an MBA essay, make sure you avoid these common mistakes:

1. Incorrect School Name

One of the most awkward MBA essay mistakes is mentioning the wrong school name, which results in rejection. Since applicants apply to multiple B-schools, they often mess up with the school name. Moreover, they ignore editing & proofreading their essay before final submission. Professional MBA admissions consultants guide you in editing & reviewing your MBA profiles to stand out. 

2. Generic Essays Instead of University-Specific 

Laser the question in your MBA essay and conduct thorough research about the respective business school to carve further an answer that doesn’t look generic to reviewers. Spend a significant time describing a story based on your personal, academic, or professional achievements to deliver a specific approach to the committee. Consulting with MBA consultants India is a great idea. Submitting generic essays shows a  lack of effort and a casual attitude toward securing an MBA program at a university. Remember that an MBA admission authority wants to see the genuine & unique in you as an aspirant, so don’t let them think you aren’t specific.

3. Insufficient Research And Targeting Out-Of-Reach B-Schools

If you’re sending an application to a B-school you aren’t sure about or interested in, the admission committee will learn about it. How? Students who are passionate about a respective B-school show their excitement, dedication & determination towards aspiring to an MBA program in a school through their writing skills. 

It is common for candidates to choose a B-school based on rankings, but the ranking isn’t a determining fact. Instead, one should spend enough time considering their career goals and identifying which school best suits them. Various MBA application consultants can help you go deep down, research & figure out a B-school that fits for career goals. 

4. Lying or Exaggerating

The MBA essay is to look deeply into your personality, career aspirations, & capabilities to figure out suitability. So, don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t in your essay. Instead of thinking about what the admission committee wants to hear, provide a genuine & authentic picture of yourself. Don’t add unnecessary or wrong information about your achievements. 

5. Inappropriate Recommendations

Not being selective about choosing the right referee to write you a Letter of Recommendation is another big mistake to avoid in an MBA essay by the applicants. Recommendations are an important part of your MBA essay. It helps the admission committee get a significant idea about your personality, both professional & personal personality through the eyes of the person who wrote the recommendation for you. That’s why a strong LOC is necessary to support the claims you’ve made in your application and show their authenticity to the reviewers. The best MBA Admissions Consultants in India guide you in choosing the right recommender and assist you in communication with them.

6. Informal/Negative Tone

As you’ve developed a series of narratives to support the context mentioned in your MBA essays, such as leadership, team spirit, or problem-solving skills, ensure they don’t deliver a negative, inappropriate, or informal tone about your character approaches or accomplishments. Always convey a supportive and positive tone in your application, or it will represent you poorly. Professional MBA admissions consultants can help you with this.

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7. Repetition

A repetitive explanation or a long list of your achievements is not a thing the admission committee is looking for. Avoid bragging about your success stories in resumes or essays, as they irritate the reviewers. Instead, ensure that each MBA application component consists of some new & unique information. Your application may not draw reviewers’ attention if it concerns your achievements more. Focus on your strengths that align with your academic & career goals.

8. Incomplete Answers

Most of the time, it happens when a candidate does not understand the question properly or writes a short/incomplete answer, hoping the reviewer will get what they want to convey. The idea behind asking questions in an MBA essay is to help the admission committee know more about the candidates. Providing insufficient or short answers will leave them confused. You can take the help of MBA consultants India to answer a specific question appropriately and properly. 


These are a few MBA essay mistakes that every applicant must always take care of and always avoid while writing an application. Remember, MBA essays are an opportunity to share your unique capabilities with the admission committee that conveys your dynamic character and aligns with your career goals.