Careers Optins Post MBA

Careers Optins Post MBA

One of the major reasons a lot of aspirants puruse an MBA is to pivot their careers in a different direction. Function, Industry and Geography are 3 critical parameters that we have seen applicants wish to change and while making a pivot in all 3 can be difficult, 2 parameter pivots are quite feasible. . 

The industry and function options post an MBA will be dicussed in this article..

A Variety of MBA-Related Career Options:

1. Corporate Leadership:

All the major Fortune listed companies and blue chip organizations often have a leadership program where they recruit new MBA graduates and rotate them across their divisons with an aim of giving them a holistic view of the organization. Subsequently, the candidates can chose a vertical within the organization to kick start their career.

GE’s Leadership Program is the gold standard of Leadership programs which has produced a number of CEOs

Long Term Career Trajectory: Most graduates recruited through leadership programs go on to take up senior leadership roles within their organization. Some even move on to other companies within the same industry in senior leadership position.

2. Entrepreneurship:

Positions: Entrepreneur, Founder, and Owner of Startup

There is a growing number of candidates that chose to opt out of formal coporate recruitment and chose to launch their own venture dueing the MBA program. Some even go on to scale these ventures post their MBA and puruse these opportunities full time. An MBA can be a perfect place for incubating business ideas given the access they provide to mentors, early stage investors and academic researchers.

Long Term Career Trajectory: Depending on the success of the venture, we have seen gradautes evolve into entreprenuer leaders or subsequently go on to launch other ventures. Some also prefer to move back to corporate roles while other become Venture Partners at VC firms.

3. Client Advisory:

Positions: Consultant for Management and Strategy

MBA graduates are in high demand by consulting companies because of the strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities they bring to the table. Consulting firms employ MBAs to study company problems, provide solutions to improve organizational performance and deal with various clients.

Long Term Career Trajectory: A lot of consultants tend to move into an industry role after spending some time with consulting firm and end up becoming their clients. Other will also launch their own ventures while some can even take up roles with various funds.

4. Investment Banking & Corporate Finance:

Positions: Portfolio Manager, Financial Analyst, and Investment Banker

Job in investment banking, corporate finance, and asset management make are a top choice for MBA graduates. To succeed in these areas, one needs the analytical and financial acumen taught in MBA schools. While these roles can be intense in nature, they often tend to be the most financiallly renumerative and give solid exposure of global business.

Long Term Career Trajectory: Cadidates tend to move into Private Equity / Venture Capital roles post their stint in Investment Banking while some can even take up Corporate Finance / Corporate Developement roles at large organizations.

5. Branding and Marketing:

Managerial Positions: Marketing, Brand, and Product

Graduates of MBA Consultant In India with a marketing concentration typically look for positions that allow them to use their strategic thinking skills in building successful brands. The job n includes crafting brand strategy, researching consumer preferences, and launching advertising campaigns. Marketing roles tend to be very data focused roles and hence candidates with a flair for data and people are best suited for these role.

Long Term Career Trajectory: Most marketers end up evolving into CMOs of large corporations in the long run. With the advent of Digital Marketing, a lot of MBA graduates are taking the entrepreneurship route where they are advising startup and new ventures on their marketing strategies.

6. Logistics and Operations:

Positions: Operations Manager and Supply Chain Manager

Graduates from this discipline are indispensable when it comes to streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and optimizing procedures. These graduates tend to be the most sought after by large retailers, logistics companies, transporations players. 

7. Managing Technology and Information Systems:

Positions Offered:Technology Consultant

Graduates of MBA programs are finding more and more opportunities at the crossroads of business and technology. Supervising technological efforts, implementing digital strategy, and fostering innovation are all part of an IT manager’s job description.

Long Term Career Trajectory: These careers often evolves into a CIO / CTO role within companies. Lot of new companies have also started creating positions for Chief Data Officer which can be a potential future career goal.

An MBA has immense value for those looking to pivot their careers in a different direction. Given the plethora of career options, the MBA can be a good platform to learn about these industries and functions from corporate recruiters and your peers who have been a part of these industries. Thus, chosing a program that is strong on class diversity can have its own advantages from a recruitment point of view as well.