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Raunak Sukhadeve

So my role for the Bureau of Indian standards was very diverse and extensive. I worked in multiple domains main related to policy formulation and policy implementation with regards to technical regulations. I also worked with a lot of multinational clients such as LG, Goodyear Dan Simmons other wheel manufacturers which supplied components to Volkswagen Mercedes-Benz. So it was a very different experience while working on those projects and I felt a need that I could contribute more in my working environment and I also wanted to transition into a much more challenging and a leadership role in a private sector. I thought I could leverage these diverse skills from the public sector and coupled with an MBA education I think I could be successful in leading teams in multinational cooperations. That’s when I thought of doing an MBA and while I was looking for colleges and courses and admission consultants to pursue my MBA journey, I met Abhinav. What stuck me about Abhinav was that he was very personal and one to one on with his interactions. While we were having introductory sessions he came to meet me as he was working on other project in Delhi that’s what clinched the deal for me. At that time my GMAT score was decent and he gave me an honest feedback that I should take the time and reappear for GMAT. I did so couple of months later I got a good score and that’s when I selected to work on my MBA Journey or my MBA applications. At first it was preliminary brainstorming sessions but the feedback I was getting from him was quite constructive. So I could construct my story in a brief and impactful way and also the turnaround time on the essays and selecting the particular colleges according to your needs the post MBA goals was very comprehensive. I was very you know impressed by the way he he worked and how critical his feedback was for my essays and my college selection. In the end the journey was quite fruitful and I was able to get successful admits from McDonough School of business Georgetown University with a $10,000 scholarship, Ohio State Fisher School of Business with a 50% scholarship and also an admit from Indian School of Business. So overall I would recommend if you are on the same journey as me or you’re trying to you know pursue an MBA education in India or abroad you should give Abhinav a chance.
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