Scholarship – $30k

Shruti Srinivasan

Hi my name is Shruti Srinivasan and I’m an Indian raised in the Middle East. Very soon I will be joining the MBA class of 2026 at IESE Business School in Barcelona and I’d like to share with you a couple of details about my journey.
I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Computer Science from the American University of Sharjah and started working at Unilever as a Procurement anagement Trainee in 2018. For 6 years I rotated across different functions worked with diverse teams and on International stints and by the summer of 20\23 I realized I wanted to transition into the tech industry into a product manager role in Dubai. So I reached out to Abhinav to support me with the applications process. To give you an idea of the process let me just start with an example, so my scholarship essay I began very very last minute let’s say like three or 4 days before the deadline and Abhinav was able to transform my essay from a basic piece of writing to one that got me a 30,000 scholarship from the University within a matter of a day and a half or two.
Working with Abhinav was very quick and very efficient and I really appreciated the directness of the feedback that I received right from the start. I had a 30-minute call with him to understand if this would be a right fit and the call was extremely efficient and the feedback was very spot-on and direct which I really liked. Working with Abhinav was very simple as well and it was very quick, we didn’t have to do too many calls directly- as we worked quite asynchronously. The support with the interview prep as well I really liked because we did three calls in total or three video mock interviews and each after each interview I got a quick feedback a score on how well I did and areas where I needed to improve. I really appreciated how seamless the process was and how Abhinav supported me.

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